Luc Didier  
(French, b. 1954)

Born in 1954 in Goelzin (Nord) near Douai, Luc Didier is one of the finest living painters in France. Renown for capturing the vanishing countryside, he studied first with his father and has been dedicated to his profession since the age of 22. He debuted in several Salons including the prestigious Salon desIndépendants in Paris. The Vincent Mann Gallery in New Orleans first introduced Didier's paintings to American collectors in 1993.

Didier's work captivates the viewer with a dazzling technique that then reveals, with tremendous intimacy, the character and natural beauty of the most magnificent regions of France. Each subject is imbued with fullness, enriched by the memory of the painter. His gesture is decisive, his content always generous, each painting a timeless blend of Impressionist heritage and contemporary realism.

Luc Didier generously conveys to us these exquisite portraits of hidden corners, allées and waterways of rural France. Whether it is an intimate visit to the door of a fisherman's cottage on the Bay of Arcachon, the clarity of air on a high-summer day in Dennevy, or the piney scent of an entrancing dappled path in Corbigny, we are transported through the brilliance of his technique and the passion of his art.

His paintings have been acquired by discriminating art patrons worldwide, from France to New Zealand, England and other European countries. He is represented exclusively in the United States by Vincent Mann Gallery.


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Neig à Chalautre-la-Petite (Sein et Marne)
Oil on canvas, signed L/R
Canvas Size (20P): 21 1/2 x 28 5/8" Framed: 28 3/4 x 36 1/4"

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